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Leyla is a middle-aged former porn actress who has lived in Germany for most of her life. When they return to Istanbul with his lover, Yılmaz, who caused him to enter this troubled sector, Yılmaz breaks up with Leyla. But he also convinces Leyla to shoot one last movie together. Leyla's path crosses with young İzzet during the shooting of this movie. İzzet, like Leyla, led an unusual life. A tragic event he witnessed at an early age affected the rest of his life. Izzet, who wanted to take advantage of the opportunity when he heard Yılmaz's announcement on the internet for the film, abandons everything when there is a fight on the set on the shooting day, but he never forgets Leyla's image, engraves it in his mind and goes after this woman with a fire place inside. Leyla, who endures her life with the support of drugs, trusts İzzet's warmth and surrenders herself to this young man. While the events around them are pregnant with unexpected results, the two lovers try to walk together on this new life path that comes their way.
  Genre: Drama
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